Sober & Badass. Together.

Sobriety is all about getting MORE out of life!

More fun, more laughter, more connection, more confidence, more EPIC ADVENTURES!

And being fully present for every magical moment.

YSP Adventures offers curated adventures to help you learn new skills; connect with others on a sober journey; immerse in the healing power of nature; and rediscover your inner sober badass!

Backpacking 101

Created and led by Your Sober Pal Laura, this all-inclusive 3-day, 2-night course will help you learn new technical, physical, and mental skills to help you feel confident in the backcountry and empowered in your booze-free life!

Coming Spring & Summer 2024

Backpacking Treks

Explore the Eastern Sierras with Your Sober Pal Laura and a group of sober backcountry baddies. From two to three-night excursions in the High Sierra, it will be an empowering experience you'll never forget!

Coming Summer 2024

September 18-22, 2024

2024 Lake Tahoe Retreat

Reignite your inner adventurer on this five-day, four-night Lake Tahoe retreat.

Based near the beach in Camp Richardson, this retreat will be jam-packed with adventure including hiking, kayaking, swimming, yoga and more. We'll kick off mornings with yoga and finish our days by sharing our hearts around a fire pit. Get ready to LOL and connect over hilarious games and mocktail workshops.

Best of all, you'll leave with new friendships that will last a lifetime!

Whitewater Rafting

Join Your Sober Pal Laura and a group of like-minded adventurers for the thrill of a lifetime!

This three-day, two-night whitewater rafting excursion on Idaho's Salmon River is the perfect blend of excitement, camaraderie, and wilderness.

Coming Summer 2024

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If you're interested in participating in any YSP Adventure Retreats, please click below to submit an interest form! In order to protect the spirit of the group, I ask that all attendees are sober. Our retreats are all about being 100% present and authentically enjoying each other's company.

Wonderful Experience!

I attended the August 2023 retreat and it was a wonderful experience. I didn’t know how much I needed to be around sober people who have a some of the same experiences I have had with alcohol. It was so nice getting to know everyone and laughing a lot! I’ll definitely be attending another retreat in the future! Laura did a great job putting this whole thing together!


So grateful for this clearly carefully curated experience!

The retreat was honestly life-changing. Before the gathering I was feeling pretty solo in my journey and isolating myself. Finding community that weekend helped me build curiosity and courage to connect with folks. The retreat was incredibly meaningful - and also super FUN! A great mix of healing and deep conversations with light-hearted belly laughs. I felt really cared for by Laura and her team, and the food was INCREDIBLE. Loved Tahoe and the adventures - and the people I got to experience the weekend with. I'm so grateful tor this very clearly carefully curated experience - and 100% would do it again. So. Much. Gratitude. Laura and her team knocked it out of the park.



The sober pal retreat was LIFE CHANGING! I never thought I’d bond so strongly with women in such a short amount of time. The outing was so fun but the time we spent indoors making mocktails, playing games, and just talking was just as amazing. I really really want this to be an annual thing for me. I’ve made friendships for life that I truly cherish.


100% nourishment for my soul!

I remember finalizing my booking thinking “Am I really doing this? Planning a trip to meet a handful of sober strangers in a place I’ve never been?” I was so nervous. But from the moment I arrived until the last few moments we spent together, it was magic and 100% nourishment for my soul. Laura has an incredible gift of making people feel welcome and totally at home in her presence. Before I knew it, we were laughing and sipping mocktails and sharing our personal journeys and creating inside jokes and catch phrases. We ate delicious food and saw breathtaking scenery and recharged ourselves amongst likeminded people who really spoke and understood our experiences in sobriety. What I thought would be a quick and pleasant adventure turned into a memory I will cherish for a lifetime. RUN DON’T WALK at the chance to join a SoberPal Retreat with Laura. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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YSP Adventures is made possible by WomensNet, who awarded Your Sober Pal with an Amber Grant in June 2023. I am SO SO SO GRATEFUL to them for helping me and women across the country achieve our business dreams.

I am now eligible for a $25,000 grant which will enable me to purchase the rest of the gear for Backpacking 101, start a scholarship fund, hire a small team, get more permits!