Pleasure to meet you!

Welcome to my nook of the internet, where I share my love of sobriety and support for those seeking a fulfilling booze-free life!

I struggled with alcohol for years. I was ashamed of my drinking, but also terrified to quit.

How would I have fun? Connect with people? Find confidence? I knew alcohol was holding me back, and yet I couldn't imagine living without it.

I tried a thousand times to moderate. Then I tried a thousand times to quit. But I was not successful.

I remember one night, laying on the floor in the dark, sobbing. I begged the universe to help me let go of this crutch. I swore that if I got sober, I would pay it forward. I truly meant it.

With the help of a program and support from other people in recovery, I took my last drink on August 1, 2017.

I can confidently say quitting drinking has been the best decision I've ever made. Being able to trust and respect myself feels magical. I have more time and energy for hobbies that truly excite me, like hiking, backpacking and rock climbing.

I've discovered you absolutely don't need booze to have SO MUCH FREAKIN' FUN!!!

And look, life isn't perfect. I'm still climbing out of serious credit card debt. Repairing my career. Working on my self-esteem. Making amends for the pain I caused others. All consequences of my drinking.

But everyday I wake up grateful to be sober, and I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world.

If you're sober or sober-curious, I invite you to stay awhile. Check out my Instagram and TikTok accounts under @yoursoberpal, where I create hilarious (at least I think so) and uplifting content about sobriety.

Join us for a sobriety retreat or Backpacking 101, where you'll make new friends and maybe even discover a badass new hobby!

If you could use a few extra tools in your recovery toolbelt, check out my sobriety affirmation card deck or gratitude post-its.

If you just need some encouragement from a sober pal who's been there, email me at My inbox is always open.

Remember, you only have to stay sober for today. Let's do it together.

We got this.


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