Products to give your sobriety a kick.

Products to Celebrate Your Sobriety!

Give your sobriety a boost of joy with these fun products. Designed to put a smile on your face, Your Sober Pal is here to support you while you embark on the most glorious (and often awkward) journey of your life!


About Your Sober Pal

I used to drink too much and make a mess of everything.

Now I make Tik Toks, Instagram posts, and random stuff to encourage myself, and others, to stay sober and have fun doing it.

They Loved Us❤️


Love my 99 Problems sticker. Not sure about the press-on nail that came in the envelope though.....

- Joe Mama

I wore the Trash Panda sticker on my forehead to cover up a zit and it worked great. Thanks SOBER PAL!

- Allotto Dix

The gratitude post-its are amazing, but I they don't stick to my cat very well. PLEASE FIX!

- Hugh Jass